Ready To Get The Energy, Mood, & Vibrant Health You Want?

Uncover The Overlooked

Causes Of Your Health Concerns

So You Can Feel Your Best

You've done your best.

You've been to your annual doctor's appointments.

And maybe even tried improving your diet and sleep habits.

BUT UNFORTUNATELY... so many others struggling with low energy, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, mood issues, and brain fog, you've been told that your labs are normal and "everything looks fine"when you don't feel fine.

If you're struggling to find answers to your health concerns, it's not your fault.

Unfortunately too many people suffering from chronic health problems and decreased quality of life are left searching for answers because...

While conventional methods are excellent for late stage disease management and emergencies, they don’t improve your health, reverse disease, or help you avoid a future diagnosis (instead of watching and waiting for one).

The truth is: If you’re not feeling well and suspect there’s something deeper going on, you’re probably right!

Most approaches to persistent symptoms completely overlook the underlying causes that are holding you back from feeling your best. But...

Care focused on the root causes of your health concerns unlocks your ability to heal and thrive.

And in order to create the health, energy, and mood you want, there is quite a bit of investigation, diagnosis, and strategy needed. One doctor visit and a prescription isn’t going to cut it.

You need a personalized, holistic strategy to uncover & heal the real causes of your health concerns.

Imagine working with a doctor who listens to your story, takes the time to investigate all of your symptoms, uncovers the root causes at the core of your health problems, and helps you transform your health with done-for-you, easy to follow instructions personalized just for you!

Hi, I'm Dr. Sara DeFrancesco,

and I'm dedicated to helping you get the energy, mood, & vibrant health you've been wanting.

“When modern medicine failed me, Dr. Sara came to the rescue!”

“When modern medicine failed me, Dr. Sara came to the rescue! Her tests, diagnosis, and treatment were 100% accurate. I was completely healed and fully restored in 6 months.”


I’ve helped hundreds of patients heal the real causes of their health concerns and I invite you to learn how this method can work for you too.

Introducing... Heal & Thrive Holistic Health Membership

Personalized holistic health care and support for chronic illness, mood, & wellness.

What's Included in the Program?


step one:

Initial Consult

Your initial consultation is a time to tell your story and be heard. We will discuss your health history, nutrition, lifestyle, and each one of your symptoms to get a complete picture of your health.


step two:


At the end of your initial consultation, I will order the lab work and specialty testing (like optimal blood chemistry analysis, comprehensive stool & microbiome testing, and advanced hormone tests to name a few) necessary to get a clear picture of your health so we know exactly what your body needs to heal.